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January and February, 2015

Complete Security Alarm System For Only $2,350.00 and $55.00 Per Month for Monitoring and Private Response Fee Covering 15 Doors/Windows, 3 Motion Censors, 1 English Language Key Pad, 1 Siren, 1 3G2060R Cellular Interactive Communicator with the Fastest Private Petrol Response Time in the Business, Most Private Response Security companies take up to one, two, or even three hours to respond to a call. Our response time on average is 15 minutes. We track it religiously and post our response times on our website. Most other companies can’t tell you what their actual response times are because they don’t measure it!
(December Average Response Time Was 14 Minutes 39 Seconds)

Get a HD-SDI DIGITAL Surveillance Camera System for $2,199.00 full installation with a one year warranty on parts and labor Regular Price $2,699.00